Taste of Summer - Nimboo Pani & Mango Kulfi

Taste of Summer Chocolate collection brings you the tastes and scents of an Asian Summer's day in every blissful bite.

Nimboo Pani ~ This is our Academy of Chocolate Award winning chocolate based on a fresh lemon drink commonly drunk in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Single origin white 34% Madagascan chocolate gives a creamy flavour without being too sweet and envelops our Nimboo Pani bon bon filled with fresh lemon, mint and spice ganache.

Mango Kulfi ~ We only use Pakistani and Indian sweet mangoes which brings this chocolate a beautiful aroma and taste. Based on the traditional mango ice-cream, each bon bon includes a mango ganache with roasted pistachios and is encased with single origin white 34% Madagascan chocolate.

The Taste of Summer 12 chocolates hand printed box contains 6 of each chocolate.

Allergens- contains nuts, milk powder, sunflower lecithin

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