Mughal Royal Chocolate Collection

The Mughal chocolate collection features our Great British Spiced Chocolate Challenge 2015 finalist entry, Cacao Joon along with truffles inspired by the royals of Persia and India, all come in a beautiful hand crafted keepsake box featuring a stunning Jewel piece.

Cacao Joon- Saffron and barberry jelly with a silky cardamom ganache in a dark chocolate shell.

Gul- Rose- Delicately flavoured rose and pandanus flower truffle with a hint of cardamom and pistachios.

Soorkh- Pomegranate truffle with a hidden ruby red organic jelly heart made with real fruit .

18 chocolates in a box 

335g e

Allergens- Contains nuts, milk, soya, dairy

Please allow up to 4 days before shipping for truffles. We make our chocolate truffles to order to ensure they reach you as fresh and indulgent as intended.

Our truffles contain cream. Store in seal tight container and consume within 2-3 weeks. If stored in the fridge consume within 4 weeks.

Please note jewels my vary.

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