Chocolate Truffle Selection Box

Chocolate truffle selection box. 

Elegantly packaged, each box contains 15 hand rolled truffles. 

  • Rose- Delicately infused with real rose petals, the truffle has a beautiful dusty pink hue and is topped with crystalised rose elements.
  • Lime & CoconutTaste the Caribbean with this lime truffle encased in white chocolate and sweet coconut.
  • Mayan Gold- Orange, mint and vanilla jelly with a cardamom infused ganache is enveloped in rich chocolate.
  • Passionfruit- Tangy passion fruit truffle encased in dark chocolate.
  • Jasmine & Raspberry- Sweet scent of jasmine flower and sharp tang of raspberries, this truffle is a taste sensation.
  • Soorkh TrufflePomegranate truffle with a hidden pomegranate jelly heart made with real fruit and encased in dark chocolate with metallic red sheen. 
  • Blueberry Delight- Blueberry truffle covered in dark chocolate with a gold sheen.

Please allow up to 4 days before shipping for truffles. We make our chocolate truffles to order to ensure they reach you as fresh and indulgent as intended.

Allergens: May contain traces of nuts. Contains milk, soya.

Our truffles contain cream. Store in seal tight container and consume within 2-3 weeks. If stored in the fridge consume within 4 weeks.

£ 30.00

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