Rose & Bees Chocolate Skull

Head full of flowers

Looking for a statement centre piece for Halloween, then these large chocolate skulls are sure to get people talking! A mixture of beauty and gothic darkness, the luxury skulls are made with single origin chocolate.

Rose & Bees Skull is made of single origin milk chocolate skull with Ruby Chocolate rose and golden bees.

The skull is filled with Ruby chocolate flowers.

Ruby chocolate has a natural pink hue and natural flavour of berries

Each hollow skull measures 10-12cm high, 8cm wide and 10cm deep

The Skulls come beautifully packaged in hand printed and embossed box. 

Weight- 220g e

Please allow up to 4 days before shipping. We make our chocolates to order to ensure they reach you as fresh and indulgent as intended.

Allergens- Contains milk, soya lecithin, may contain traces of nuts


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