Luminous Glow Toadstool Bon Bons

Glow in black light Toadstools!

These unique toadstools glow in the dark under black light. The inclusion of vitamin B12 make these spooky large toadstools glow and are made with single origin 64% Madagascan chocolate filled with a tangy fresh lime gel and single origin vanilla ganache.

Box of 4 toadstools in a variety of colours.

200g e

To see the the chocolates glow in the dark a black light is needed. We have small black light torches also available to order below.

Please allow up to 4 days before shipping for truffles. We make our chocolate truffles to order to ensure they reach you as fresh and indulgent as intended.

Allergens- Contains milk, soya, may contain traces of nuts

Our truffles contain cream. Store in seal tight container and consume within 2-3 weeks. If stored in the fridge consume within 4 weeks. 


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