About our ingredients

All our products are suitable for vegetarians and alcohol free including any food colours and flavours used. There are no added preservatives in any of our handmade products.

We only use the best quality chocolate, including award winning single origin Chocolat Madagascar, Casa Luker and Callebaut Belgian chocolate which is made with 100% sustainably cultivated cocoa beans. We believe in supporting small farmers and using ethically sourced and sustainable cocoa products.

All allergen information is available in product descriptions but if you have any specific questions about ingredients contact us at info@littleblackcatgourmet.co.uk

Little Black Cat Gourmet is a labour of love for us and we hope that our passion for chocolate is reflected in every bite!

What is single origin?

Single origin means all the beans used to produce the chocolate is sourced from a single country and in some instances can be traced back to a particular plantation. However not all single origin chocolates are made equal with some tasting far more exquisite than others.  

About the chocolate we use

Chocolat Madagascar 

Chocolat Madagascar is a multi award winning fine chocolate. Rather than merely harvest the beans and send them elsewhere to produce chocolate, Chocolat Madagscar is fully produced in Madagascar, supporting local farmers and supporting the local economy making it a Raise Trade company.

At LBCG we use the 64% cacao dark couverture in many of our chocolates. This chocolate has rich fruity and honey notes with low bitterness. Even if you're not a fan of dark chocolate try this and you won't be disappointed!

Learn more about Chocolat Madagascar and how it's produced here-

Casa Luker Cacao

Casa Luker only use beans grown in South America. Colombia has some of the best “Fino de Aroma” cocoa beans in the world; a category established by the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO) for cocoa that reaches certain flavour, aroma, and quality levels. Only 8% of the total global cocoa crop is granted this premium status. 

Cacao Barry

Cacao Barry has been involved in the production of fine chocolate for 170 years. 

At LBCG we use a number of their single origin couvertures:

Mexique- is a 66% cacao dark chocolate originating in Mexico. Slightly sour with spicy woody notes and a hint of liquorice.

Papouasie- is a 35.8% cacao milk chocolate originating in Papua New Guinea. Very creamy with fruity notes of hazelnuts and a hint of caramel.


Callebaut has 100 years experience producing fine Belgian Chocolate. 

At LBCG we use Callebaut Velvet a 33.1% cacao white chocolate which has a fresh taste and is not overly sweet like most white chocolates.