About us

Growing up we were always exposed to such a wide variety of tastes and flavours. Our grandmother was famous for making not only hearty traditional food but such delicacies as Kachnar made from the flower buds of Orchid trees. No-one left her home hungry!
Mum not only exposed us to traditional South Asian cooking with recipes originating from Mughal India such as Muthanjan- an elegant dessert of colourful sweet rice and chicken, but our little kitchen in Liverpool was also a hub of new experiments and modern fusion food with cupboards filled with an abundance of strange and wonderful spices! She brought the world into our small kitchen in Liverpool!
My grandfather had a very sweet tooth. Originating from Amritsar, a city known for its love of all things sweet, his face would light up as the first batch of mangoes for the season would arrive. Despite suffering a motorbike accident which left him paralysed on one side of his body, whenever we would visit Pakistan he would walk to the local market to get us the special khoya barfi (milk based confectionery). These small white blocks of sweet, milky goodness would always be presented on a large shiny green leaf. We would sit in the winter sun with him listening to stories about how he met our grandmother while we ate. He bought us barfi and we would bring him British chocolate which he loved. One of my favourite memories of him is his laugh of pure bliss after eating a truffle. 
At Little Black Cat Gourmet we wanted to recreate that same feeling of bliss when you bite into sweet velvety chocolate and to combine that with flavours evoking beautiful scents of the East such as rose, cardamom, mint and jasmine. Whether you like to savour the taste and melt it in your mouth or wolf down handfuls, chocolate is the ultimate comfort food and when it's good, nothing compares!   
We use only the best high quality chocolate including single origin chocolate and all our products are alcohol free and suitable for vegetarians. Find out more about our ingredients here 
Making chocolate is an expression of art for us which translates into our unique designs and packaging which we hand embellish, emboss and print.    
We have a food Hygiene Rating of 5 which can be viewed here

 Chocolate doesn't ask silly questions, chocolate understands ~ Unknown