Fool’s Gold - Dark Chocolate

The name Rocky Road is said to have originated in Australia in 1853 during the gold rush. Unscrupulous businessmen took advantage of gold miners by selling them low quality confectionary mixed with other filler ingredients. With not a filler in sight, our gourmet range of rocky road uses exquisite chocolate, real fruit pieces, nuts and vegetarian marshmallows. 

Rich 70% cocoa chocolate envelops pomegranate jelly pieces, macadamia nuts and strawberry marshmallows with a popping candy taste explosion. 

6 pieces

Allergens- contains nuts, soya 

Weight- 277g 

Our handmade chocolates contain no preservatives but like most chocolate will last 3-4 weeks if stored correctly. We recommend storing Rocky Road in the fridge and bringing it back to room temperature before devouring!

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